butter blueberries

butter blueberries

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pink @ home...

Hello there!

I have a few images to share with you today.  

On how I have added (more) pink to our home.

I received this vintage ceramic bird for my birthday, from my daughter.  I love how it is from the same time period of this floral bouquet picture that I found a couple of years ago.

The little mercury glass birds are new...they are so sweet, they hold tea candles in them. 

I have five of these little birds and have fun displaying them!

I love this look:  Just a simple pale pink rose, inside a glass vessel... (of any kind really) ;0)  

When I asked the florist, "I know this is old fashioned but do you have any asparagus fern"?  Lucky me she had one stem...

Actually "asparagus fern" is experiencing a bit of a comeback for those who like a simpler floral design...like me!  
(Well...at the time being ) ;0)

I like how this simple arrangement is on trend as well with "the whole terrarium look" popular right now too!

"Can simple always be the best'?

Talk with you soon,



  1. Love your sweet birthday gift your dear daughter gifted you, and your birdie votive holders are just beautiful, I find I'm also loving a more simply and elegant look.


  2. Love the bird your daughter got you and it looks lovely and perfect with that print. Great choices together, like they were meant to compliment one another.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. I like all your birds and the 'captured' rose and greens. Very pretty. Did you make the wood round thing on the mantel? It's really nice.

  4. Good Afternoon Christine, The vintage ceramic bird was a thoughtful birthday gift from your daughter and it really looks lovely along side the picture. Do you know I hadn't realised Asparagus Ferns had gone out of fashion. I remember years ago, I had a huge plant in the dining room which would not stop growing and when we moved I passed it on to a friend who had a conservatory and it is still thriving. The rose which you placed in the terrarium looks lovely as it really draws the eye.
    It has been lovely catching up with you.
    Best Wishes

  5. Hi Christine, I love the pretty pink bird! I recently found a pretty bird music box at a thrift. The birds are a soft shade of blue so I was really drawn to it. The pink rose is beautiful and I too like the feathery look of asparagus fern.

  6. I like how everything is gleaming in these photos.


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