butter blueberries

butter blueberries

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dear Saturday...

Hello there!

Just dropping in to say...

 "Happy Saturday"!

How I love them...let me count the ways.

An extra cup of coffee, morning paper & a little sunshine...

All adds up to be one of my favourite things to do!

What are you up to today?

Talk with you soon,


  1. I love this view of your fireplace. Your coffee table is gorgeous!! Is it home made? I've been decorating a bit for Valentine's day and changing up my china hutch. I'm so tired of winter blah weather and want to get spring going but I know it's way too early. We're to get a bit of snow tonight and next week it will be very cold again so it's too early for spring things. It will have to be in between decor like what you have portrayed. Oh, I read the paper over lunch and now I think I'll have a cup of tea. Enjoy your afternoon.

  2. Coffee, the paper and some crunchy toast, dripping with butter and marmalade or honey - that's the perfect way to start a Saturday, for me.

  3. I am actually working on a Valentines Day craft as we speak and a cup of coffee to warm me up. Your room looks so inviting, Christine. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Sooooo pretty!! Have a great weekend Christine!

  5. Here's hoping your Sunday is as equally delightful.

  6. Saturdays are a delightful day! Sometimes I stay in my jammies till noon. lol! Just depends what's on the agenda. This Saturday I was still tinkering a little with Valentines décor. Last night friends came over and played games. We laughed till our sides ached!

  7. Sounds like a perfect Saturday! Love your living room-pretty and cozy :)


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