butter blueberries

butter blueberries

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Winter Sunshine & Shadows...

Hello, How are you all enjoying the day today?

It is very cold here but the sun is glorious today & the skies are blue.
Really at this time of year it is all a girl can really wish for ;0)

This is our fireplace in our living room, my husband did all of the millwork and lots of detailing!

I spend a lot of time in this room when the sun is shining through our bay window. The window has a beautiful southern exposure in the Winter time.  In the summer this window is shaded by all of the mature trees on our front lawn.

I thought I would share today with Karen at My Little Home and Garden & her friends
celebrating Sunlit Sunday!

Have a great day today and if it is sunny where you live get out there and enjoy it!

All the Best,


  1. Christine, your room looks so comfy and inviting. It is cold here in South Carolina. I love that piece over you mantel, what exactly is it? I love the rustic look. Stay warm.

  2. Hello, Christine

    The millwork on your fireplace is beautiful. From the photos in this post, and the header shot, I can tell that your living room is one in which I, too, would be spending plenty of time. It looks so wonderfully inviting.

    Thank you for linking these photos to "Sunlit Sunday"; I should mention, I like the lanterns on either side of the fireplace as well!


  3. Hi Christine, glad you stopped by my site. I was just visiting sites from Sunlit Sunday too. It's always nice to meet another Canadian blogger, especially one from Ontario (like me). I love your sunny photos today. I'm off to explore your blog a bit more.

  4. I found your baskets on each side of the fireplace very interesting.

  5. It looks lovely and cozy there, Christine and a nice place to read or blog. Your husband is very talented. Enjoy the evening. Pamela

  6. Love your mantel. Your husband does fantastic work. You decorate my kind of way. Elegant yet warm and friendly.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  7. Oh your room is so cozy and nicely decorated. I love the pictures with the sun streaming in and the cute mercury glass birds. I like those hanging lantern/baskets- their coloring and texture picks up really nicely with the centerpiece. Is that the top of a wine barrel?

  8. Oh yes it definitely is cold outside today!! The sun makes up for it.
    Your room looks so inviting.

  9. Beautiful! Shadows in the house can be so pretty.

  10. Hi I'm a new visitor! I love your fireplace! Its gorgeous!


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