butter blueberries

butter blueberries

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Warm wishes....

Hello, and how are you today?

Well, we are still cleaning up SNOW!

Our neck of the woods has seen over 30 cm of the white fluffy stuff...

Even more in areas where the snow has drifted!

I hope everyone is doing fine and tucked in nice & cozy @ home... 

And just like the little clay tag says we wish you...

"warm wishes"

Enjoy your day!

All the Best,


  1. It's a bright, beautiful day here today. The snow has stopped and the sun is shining.

    All looks snug in your home; I think I'll go light a candle!


  2. We had 14 inches yesterday Christine, but the closer you were to NYC they received about 20!
    I love it! Stay warm my friend and enjoy the weekend!

  3. We are getting it today. Thanks so much for sharing! ;) Love your vignette!

  4. That was certainly quite a storm all over the east Christine. We even had a dusting here on top of the 3 feet on the ground this winter. My son-in-law cleared the garage roof this morning and it was almost 3 feet deep in some spots from drifting. Now there are huge snow piles in their yard that won't melt until May probably! Take care and enjoy a cozy weekend indoors.

  5. Christine, we received new snow yesterday too. Seems like everytime we have a sunny day and a little melts the next day it snows again. Oh well, might as well hunker down and enjoy it. I adore those beautiful candles. And what a fun idea to wrap bakers twin around a frame. I may have to copy that. You are so clever. Warm wishes to you too my friend!

  6. We've had ugly grey days filled with rain. Last Saturday was pretty though. Hope you're able to dig out soon!

  7. Ohh, your pictures are so pretty. I love the candles and the frame with twine wrapped around it. This is my first time to land on your blog, I think. Hoping to find some big pictures of your beautiful decor.


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