butter blueberries

butter blueberries

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happiness is colour...

Hello, How are you today?

Today I am mixing and playing with vibrant colour combinations.

Do you know that I love colour? 

 I thought I could walk away from it...

I have tried to be white, neutral and grey.
Honestly I have tried, especially with this house...

(hand picked fresh)

I can always depend on flowers for a natural inspiration of colour.

(or freshly handmade)

But there is just no turning my back on colour!

I happily throw in the towel.

I admit defeat...

I surrender completely....I give in!

Do you live in colour?

All the Best,


  1. Yes I love colors here and there and pops of it to set off a particular room or area.

  2. You know I live in color. I have tried to change to more neutral, too, but color always comes back.

  3. Yes, I live in color. I can't help it either-I love bold, bright colors-exciting and inspiring!

  4. I crave colour as well - the colours of late spring and early summer - the yellows, pinks, blues and grass-greens. I could never be happy with a monochromatic scheme.

  5. I also love colour, Christine. I see the all white or neutral rooms on blogs and in magazines and think it looks so nice but I like to have colour in my world too for warmth and life. Beautiful photos!

  6. I'm craving more colour these days. I like the calm of neutrals, but some happy colours need to come into the mix.

  7. I love all the neutrals and whites, especially in china. This time of year though, I do crave more yellows and greens and apricot. I love a pop of red throughout a home, too. Your photos are gorgeous.

  8. I guess I'm a dull person, love browns, beiges and greens ... the earth colours. My friend is always trying to get me to wear something red :) Though I do love colourful flowers, but never have them inside the house due to allergies.

  9. Gorgeous photos Christine! I love the clean look and brightness of white, but this girl has to have her color. Pops of color just brighten my day. Usin more white in the basement. But, oh there will be plenty of color.

  10. I can't do white and neutral either even though I love to look at pictures. Color just makes me happy.


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