butter blueberries

butter blueberries

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Cozy Crocheted Blooms...

Hello, How are you today?

Did you have a good weekend?

We spent ours crocheting & knitting by the fire...

Oh, & the girls did get some studying done as well ;0)

Allison was busy in between writing her paper for school &
crocheting these sweet little flower blooms...

These little crocheted flower blooms are so soft & cozy!

I just want to squish them in my hands, which brings me to say that they would also make great mitten stuffers providing added warmth & coziness inside of your mittens.
(Same feeling of kissing cute little chubby baby cheeks)
even when they are all grown up...

An extra little layer of insulation...

We could all use a touch of that this time of year ;0)

Watch for these Cozy Crocheted Blooms popping up in our Etsy shop

All the Best,


  1. Christine:

    Those little flower blooms are adorable! I will have to check them out on Etsy once they are up! Have a wonderful week!

  2. They are very pretty. Love the delicate look they give that beautiful vase. I like to to tiny branches in vases also. I think they set things off.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. They are so sweet and do look incredibly soft! What a wonderful talent you have!

  4. The flowers are so cute and they do look fuzzy and squishable. Your header photo is pretty and that would be a great spot to read or stitch.

  5. Christine I absolutely LOVE that first shot!! Those little flowers are so cute and look great the way you have them displayed on the branches!

  6. Silly me... I was looking at your header LOL! LOVE IT!

  7. I adore those little crochet blooms added to the branches. So cute! I love the picture in your header too, btw.

  8. What sweet little blooms, Christine. They would look pretty on a scarf or mittens! I like the way you've displayed them in your photos.

  9. I can think of lots of uses for such sweet little blooms. What a lovely way to spend the weekend.

  10. I love the little blooms Christine. I will be watching for them. I would love some Spring twigs with a few. Your new header is so sweet. Love your collection of whites and transferware plates on the wall!

  11. Oh my...these little blooms are soooo CUTE...love how you used them too.



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