butter blueberries

butter blueberries

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cold sunny days...

Hello, How are you today?

I hope your weekend is treating you right!

We had a great day in Toronto, but more on that later...

I thought I would share some sunlit photos for Karen's
My Little Home and Garden

I am so happy these days as it is dark for the first half of our daily morning walks and light out by the time we complete our route...

This is the Sunday, a couple of weeks ago after that big snow storm we experienced on the Friday!

See those frosty trees on the right...
It was about -26 that day we set out for our walk all bundled up around the bay.

We have been seeing more of these little guys...
The Bay has been frozen now for a little while.
A couple of ice huts out on the ice.

Have a great day today!

We are on the road today taking the girls back to University.
Just over a month and then they will be back home for Easter ;0)

I will pop by everyone tonight for a little visit...

Enjoy your Sunday...

All the Best,


  1. Good Morning, Christine

    You'd certainly have a glow in your cheeks after your walk on that particular morning. I really should make a point of developing a daily walking habit. Let me rephrase: I will develop that habit!

    It's lovely to see you at "Sunlit Sunday" again this week, showing a little of how you embrace wintertime.

    Looking forward to your post about the big city day,


  2. Christine, so beautiful. I miss bundling up and taking my walks in colder weather. Down where I live it is rarely cold so no extra layers are needed. However I still do enjoy walking daily!

  3. I can feel your fresh air and smell the winter in your words and photos. I used to walk every day regards of temps but storebought knees and cold weather do not mix well. Have to wait until the chill is off a little. Beautiful entry for our Sunlit Sunday. The sun is shining in Ky. but it is cold, cold, cold.

  4. BTW I live just off of Stonehouse Road in my neck of the woods.

  5. Nice views on your walk. Poor duckies though; we have some Canada geese that stayed in our part of Ontario so they must be cold.

  6. Hope you had a safe journey to university and back.
    Love the wintery scenes over the water .. but wishing for warmer weather soon.

  7. I love the blue sky with the light fluffy clouds photos. Have a great day.

  8. Christine, I love these photos. They look so pretty with the soft blue skies and snow on everything. I'm glad you enjoyed having your girls home for break. It will be a quiet week coming up I'm sure. Blessings, Pamela

  9. Great shots! Are those ice sculptures in a to the right of the gazebo in that one shot? Your frosted trees look like what we had recently too! I bet the ducks find it hard to find food with all that frozen water!

  10. What lovely shots on such a cold day! They are all just wonderful!

  11. Beautiful photos Christine. Hubby and I have been out of town for the weekend. Came home to new snow. Trying to think pretty thoughts of Spring. lol!

  12. The room is so beautiful. This is awesome winter day. You took some great pictures thank you for sharing. PlantWerkZ


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