butter blueberries

butter blueberries

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Feel the warmth & New Etsy Shop Items

Hello, how are you today?

How is the weather?
Is it cold in your neck of the woods?

Today it is mild out.  
It is hard to believe the temperature swings this Winter.  
After having -26 for the morning walk the other day... 
And then +11 today...?

 It won't last though tomorrow calls for colder weather and more snow.

In this dead of Winter weather you will find me either by the fire knitting or in front of my sewing machine working on new projects. 

These are a couple items that are New to our Etsy Shop

Chunky Knit Cotton Candy Cowl

Our Daughter Allison hand knit this beautiful pretty pastel Cowl.
It is everything soft, cozy & warm!

Allison took my picture of me modeling the Cowl and it is snowing and I forgot to put my glasses on ;0)

Next up we have...

Red & Cream Wool Roving Mittens

Our Daughter Jessica hand knit these toasty warm mittens.

The right mitten is turn inside out so you may see the wool roving that is on the inside keeping your fingers so very warm.

These are the ones Jessica made for me last year. 
Love them!

Coffee?  Yes, please...

This is where all of the magic happens when the girls are home.

Our new/old Kitchen Table / handcrafted out of reclaimed wood that my Husband had commissioned to be custom made for us.
What a great guy, such a keeper ;0)

Room for everyone to spread out on!
Saturday Night Fun...

Thank you for sharing a moment with us...
All the Best,


  1. Oh I like these. The yarn looks wonderful that was used. The scarf is really lovely, but so are the mittens.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Oh my, -26!!!! It was 3 here last week and 60 today! Crazy weather. Stay warm, can't imagine -26. Your new items are lovely. How nice that you and your daughter's create them together. Have a warm and cozy evening by the fire!

  3. We are having the exact same weather here, Christine. It's balmy today! I'm going to enjoy it before the deep freeze comes back! ;0) Love those mittens. So warm and cozy.

  4. Oh you three are so talented with the needles! The cowl is so fun and those mittens looks so tasty warm! We have received 21 inches of snow in two days. Crazy! Not as cold as it was though. Stay warm my friend.


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