butter blueberries

butter blueberries

Saturday, November 24, 2012

First Snow fall....

Good day everyone, snow has landed in Ontario, Canada!
 My neck of the woods.


It started snowing last night...the wind kept me awake.

Then watching it snow kept me awake, needless to say, it caused me to sleep in today...


I love a good snow fall...

 So, it is off that we go to play in the snow

"Riley" he is always ready to play in the "snow"..

Then we will return in and sit by this...

While visions of Winter dance in my head!

Four Weeks today until Christmas Eve!!  ;0)

Have a great weekend!

All the Best,


  1. We got such a small amount of flakes you could barely tell they were there. Of course it might just be the beginning as it moves down from you to us but hopefully not. :) Now your dog looks adorable!
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. So pretty. I hope we get at least one pretty snowfall this year here. Have a fab weekend.

  3. We just had a few snowflakes here in Toronto. I'm actually looking forward to a good snowfall after last year (just not driving in it).

  4. It looks so beautiful Christine! WE haven't had any snow here at all. In fact it's been beautiful here for 10 days until the few showers we had today. The cold weather is coming in tonight but no snow in the forecast yet. Enjoy your Sunday. Pamela

  5. Beautiful! I love snowy pictures. We've had a few flurries here in Nova Scotia today!

  6. Hi Christine,
    There is just something so magical about snow. We are having unusually warm days again. I know that the snow will come again. Hopefully soon because we really need the moisture. It certainly looks lovely. Riley's snowy mug made me laugh. He's such a cute pooch! Oh my gosh, I didn't realize it was only 4 weeks. Wow, how time flies when you're having fun!


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