butter blueberries

butter blueberries

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Working my way down the ladder?

Now and days, I feel like I am working my way down the ladder...

With this fabric I made my barn light for the sewing room/studio.

The next rung...

This fabric inspired me to make a special pillow, that ended up taking hours and hours to make and even more fabric then I anticipated. 
Those pleated ruffles really eat up the fabric...

You can find me here, I am on the 3rd rung...

Working on a quilt for our oldest daughter...

This is a quilt as you go pattern, she picked out some great fabrics.

It is a work in process, that I will complete in the next couple of days...  
It is so much fun mixing and sewing all of these beautiful fabrics!
Thinking of her while I sew each row together, knowing that it will keep her warm and with a very cozy feeling of being loved...

So, even though I have been working my way down the ladder,
 it is starting to feel like I am going up!

With the last rung left to go... 
 I will load it up again with more inspiration fabric!
Starting from the top...
I love working for progress, it is such a good feeling, big or small.

This ladder has been one of my best display pieces...
Do you have a special piece that is always your go to, or your
 fall back?

All the Best,


  1. Oh, Christine, I love that light covered in fabric. Genius!

  2. Christine:

    Your pleated ruffle pillow is beautiful! Beautiful work! I love the ladder with all of your fabrics displayed.

    Can't wait to see your quilt for your daughter when it is complete.

  3. Wow Christine, you are so talented! That pillow is beautiful. As is everything else!

  4. Christine I love your fabrics. That quilt is going to look so smart in those
    colours. Can't wait to see it finished.

  5. Hi Christine, I found you just by chance.And happening on this post was such a wonderful little gift to me! I love all your cheery fabric and that pillow is beautiful!
    I am so happy to find you!

  6. What a great way to approach fabric projects! I have quite a few unfinished but I hope to get a few finished this summer (I am off work all summer.)

  7. What beautiful fabrics. The light cover and cushion are gorgeous! You have a lot of talent and patience with the sewing machine. It's not my forte at all. Pamela

  8. I love all your creations. That pillow is awesome.

  9. Oh my, Christine ...what gorgeous things you are playing with! I am SEW impressed with your light fixture! Did you decopage the fabric onto it???

    I think I used a very similar fabric in my DD's quilt a few years ago. It was from the Robyn Pandolf line, I think. I loved the roses & wish I had more of it!
    Well done, Dear!!!

    Rett, who just became your newest follower

  10. Oh My Goodness Christine....that heart pillow with all the ruffles is incredible! What a beautiful project! And the fabrics that your daughter chose for her quilt are so lovely and cheery and bright..I can't wait to see the quilt! Angie xo

  11. That's a cute idea. I like that you display your fabric in the order of your planned projects. That's both functional and pretty! Looking forward to seeing that quilt you're making for your daughter.

  12. Christine, I was so glad to hear you say that you would fill your ladder up again. As happay as I am for you that you are getting so much done, I love the fabrics on the ladder! Your daughters quilt will be so fun. She's picked some funky fabrics. Can't wait to see it finished. I've made a few small quilt as you go strip quilts. They were such a fun project. I'm certain that yours will be bigger than my 45 x 45 ones. I love ladders also. I have a couple out in my yard which I've planted climbers to grow up. I use to have a large chippy apple ladder in the living room at my Highland home. I hung quilts on it. Funny, but it just didn't look right in this home. I thought it would look better, but nada. It is now in the garden. Longing for Spring, how about you?

  13. I admire your creativity with fabric so much, Christine. What gorgeous colors and patterns. Can't wait to see all the rungs filled again. ;0)

  14. Climbing down your ladder is a good thing! What a great way to see your projects, I don't have anything like this...but I need it. You're so inspiring!
    Can't wait to see the quilt, it's a labor of love!


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