butter blueberries

butter blueberries

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Oh, the allure of my ruffled heart...

I made this ruffled heart pillow with all of my very soft & romantic inspired fabrics...
(at least that is what I like to call them)
I am naturally drawn to these shades and prints and I can't seem to resist them.

Another printed wool blanket that I purchased. 
This colour palette is all about the creams, pinks, peaches, corals and 
a pop of red, teal, aqua and tones of brown. 
A charcoal industrial file box adds a great contrast of colour and a texture of masculinity.

Add a little time for tea, fresh flowers and comfort...
A great way to spend an afternoon of day dreaming!
Or curled up reading a great romance novel...
It is the season of love!
Embracing simplicity...

My ruffled heart pillow is no small pillow...  It makes a big impact with the repeated layers of ruffles. 

(My Father always gifted my Mother on Valentine's Day with a heart shape box of chocolates with a ruffled edge around the heart.
This memory is what inspired me to make this ruffled heart pillow.
 My Mom would give me the box when it was empty and I would keep all of my treasures in it for months after.)
Embracing cherished nostalgia...

I had so much fun making all of these ruffles...  
This is a scrappy version of lots of pretty printed fabrics, bouquets of roses, ribbons, rosebuds & polka dots...
Very pretty!
  Embracing the romantic life...

Of course, these fabrics call for real fresh cut roses to complete the romantic mood...  
Just add a sprinkle of rose petals so pretty and they all have such a beautiful scent...

Some hand crocheted doilies & pearls add the finishing touch...

How will you spend a few moments just for you this month?
Do you have a quiet subtle corner that makes you want
to be there?

Make a little corner of your own, you will be so happy that you did...

All the Best,


  1. Oh Christine how wonderful. Lots of time went into that pillow. I have a few of those crocheted doilies around that my mother inlaw made many years ago. Love the blanket in the background. Yes I also remember those heart shaped with ruffles valentine chocolates.

  2. Wow! All those ruffles are just wonderful! That was a lot of work! I enjoyed reading about how you connect it to the sweet treats your dad gave your mother. Aren't memories just so precious!

  3. Looks like you're all ready for Valentines Day! Your little corner is fixed up so cute. I know you'll enjoy your new pillow for years to come.

  4. Oh Christine, your ruffled heart pillow is enough to make ones heart beat. lol! Really, it is so pretty. Did you ruffle on your machine or by hand? I love the combination of those colors also. Your fresh roses are lovely. I think I may have to buy some at the market. Sweet memory of your mother and father. My space when I want to just relax, curl up and look at a magazine is on the loveseat in our family room. From there I have a wonderful view of the outdoors. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall I never tire of it.

  5. Very pretty, Christine. I love the ruffled pillow and the crocheted doilies too. I know just the type of chocolate boxes you mean, and my Dad used to buy them for our mom too.


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